Monday, August 31, 2009

Downtown Shoot

We held a model photo shoot with cars in downtown Tulsa during sunset. I have to say - this shoot was so much fun. I thank Brian and Megan for modeling for me, and Ryan and Brian for supplying the awesome cars. Thank you everyone who helped put this photo shoot together! This was such a great turnout I think. Just so happens we had some people going about their weekend activities that were interested in finding out what we were doing. We had an audience but that was kind of fun to have.


Sentimental Visions Photography said...

Loving that car!!!

dani marie said...

told you he should model...I fee in love with him that night, no worries, his wife knew ;)

Glad to see you put him to good use! GREAT job!!!

Melanie Ann said...

Thanks SVP! I love that car. Belongs to a good friend of mine.

And yes, Danielle he should! I always tell him that too. I think she has heard it plenty before. And thanks you.